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Evaluation of ventilation units with heat recovery

For the optimisation and certification of ventilation units with heat recovery, we evaluate measurements of ventilation units that have been carried out at external facilities. Passive House Institute sets the parameters for such measurements as well as the criteria for their evaluation.

Optimised and certified ventilation systems have advantages for everyone
Tested quality for the user:
For certification, the highest priority is given to the criteria for thermal comfort and indoor air hygiene.

Reliable data for the designer:
The ventilation units are tested under realistic operating conditions so that the effective heat recovery efficiencies ascertained provide reliable data for ventilation heat losses to be used in the PHPP heat balance or in accordance with the EN 832. Such highly reliable data help save costs!

Advantages for the manufacturer:
Devices with demonstrably exceptional efficiency open up new market potentials. All certificates are published on the Passive House Institute component database.

Our services

  • Consultation for manufacturers
  • Development and optimisation of systems
  • Certification of Passive House suitable ventilation units with heat recovery



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