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Criteria for Passive House Component certification

Transparent building envelope

Transparent components
( pdf 282 KB)
  • Window frames
  • Frames for fixed glazing
  • Sliding doors
  • Curtain wall systems
  • Sloped curtain wall systems
  • Roof windows
  • Skylights
  • Glazing

( pdf 322 KB)
  • Spacer

Entry doors
( pdf 88 KB)

  • Entry doors

Attic staircase
( pdf 925 KB)

  • Attic staircase

Opaque building envelope

Construction systems
( pdf 228 KB)


Flue systems
( pdf 144 KB)

  • Wall and construction systems
  • Floor slab insulation systems
  • ICF for roof parapets
  • Balcony connections
  • Façade anchors
  • Window connections
  • Flue systems

EnerPHit insulation systems (for retrofits)
( pdf 276 KB)

  • EnerPHit insulation systems (for retrofits)

Building Services

Flyer certification building service compoents
( pdf 177 KB)

Requirments and testing protocol
( pdf 299 KB)

Supplementary Sheet Moisture Recovery
( pdf 102 KB)

Supplementary Sheet Frost Protection
( pdf 101 KB)

  • Small ventilation systems
    (Capacity ≤ 600m³/h)

Detailed testing protocols available to manufacturers on request mail[at]

  • Large ventilation systems
    (Capacity > 600m³/h)

Requirements and testing procedures for single-room ventilation
( pdf 207 KB)

  • Single-room ventilation

Compact units
( pdf 86 KB)
  • Compact heat pump units


Drain water heat recovery
( pdf 189 KB)
  • Warm water heat recovery


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